All RADAR activity is fully time-stamped for auditing. That means that critical findings can be reported by type, date, radiologist, site, and many other criteria. Reports are flexible and Joint Commission-compliant.

The clear advantage of audit data is that your practice can document compliance and reduce liability. Management, radiologists, referrers, and insurers can be confident that all communication is captured. Audit reports free radiologists from cumbersome management tasks, such as tracking down paperwork, so they can direct their focus to patient care.

Actionable Results

Audited data can also be used to benchmark communication performance metrics. You can assess the efficiency of your workflow, using audit reports to evaluate turn-around times and other activity or to pinpoint problem areas. What gets measured gets managed, and RADAR helps you take action on accurate data. This is another way in which RADAR can have a real impact on your business strategy and your relationship with everyone who interacts with your practice — patients, other providers, regulatory agencies.

“Reporting is a fantastic service to provide to our hospitals. Reports that would have taken at least half a day before – if we could get them at all – now take minutes.”
Sean Kowaliw,
Director of IT
Imaging On-Call
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