The point of healthcare technology is to reduce outmoded methods of communication and unnecessary complications. RADAR provides a real-world solution—without introducing additional layers of effort, such as drawn-out customizations.

RADAR is physician-to-physician or practice-to-patient delivery directly from the system, with uptime controlled by the enterprise and no third-party interference. It integrates seamlessly with your existing workflow. RADAR bypasses the manual monitoring and expensive work-arounds that can cost hours of productivity every week.

RADAR’s flexibility hinges on APIs and components hosted on the RADAR server. The APIs are built on REST architecture, using native calls, which reduces the complexity of communicating across disparate frameworks. Any development environment can integrate RADAR immediately.

RADAR provides gains in productivity and mitigates risks. That uptick in savings means nothing unless the solution itself is cost-effective.  Because RADAR dovetails with the existing workflow of a hospital or radiology practice, the simple implementation extends your savings. No elaborate training, expensive equipment, or drawn-out system overhaul is required.

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