Fast, accurate communication of results is key to positive outcomes. This is the problem that the Joint Commission and ACR are focused on, and this is the problem that RADAR can help you solve. You can be compliant now.

RADAR provides a comprehensive policy template addressing Joint Commission (JC), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and College of American Pathologists (CAP) compliance as part of our CTRM solution. We provide not only closed-loop communication, but the tools to document your compliance.

Compliance directly impacts your bottom line, beyond the risk of regulatory fines. Insurers report that missed communication of test results is the third most expensive problem in healthcare. As the industry begins to broaden the responsibility for follow-up to hospitals and other providers, Meaningful Use incentive programs now include payments for closed-loop delivery of incidental reports. RADAR makes it easy for you to implement the policies and technology that will make a difference.

Focus From the Beginning

The entire RADAR platform was founded on a determination to reduce communication lapses. In 2005, Richard Chesbrough, MD, radiologist and expert witness, saw the need for a better way to notify and document the receipt of critical findings and follow-up reminders. His experience in radiology litigation made him acutely aware that communication between caregivers is an ongoing problem and has an overwhelming contribution to medical malpractice cases. To meet the need for closed-loop communication, Chesbrough conceived and developed RADAR.

Today, RADAR offers the technology to implement a fail-safe, closed-loop communication platform, and its customizable database can be integrated into any HL7-compliant system within hospitals, clinics, imaging centers and physician practices. Departments can utilize the RADAR database for practice management, quality assurance, risk management and peer review.

“Up to
patients die each year because of clinical communication failure.”

– Institute of Medicine

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