A familiar scenario: the patient arrives for a scheduled exam without having followed prep instructions. You spend administrative, clinical, and time resources to reschedule. Or the patient forgets the appointment entirely, causing lost revenue and schedule disruptions.

You can proactively address such losses by using RADAR to call, email, or text patients. Patients choose their preferred communication method, and engagement goes beyond appointment reminders. You can also tell them when to begin a fast, securely share lab results, and even promote health education.

The Affordable Care Act mentions “Patient Centered-Care”


Appointment Package

More Than a Reminder

Beyond automated messages, the RADAR Appointment Package is a tool for building the patient relationship. A link sent via email or text directs patients to a secure, branded, customized web page. The page can include one-click confirmation, an interactive map, auto-addition to the patient’s calendar, downloadable forms, an education video, the option to participate in a survey, the option to receive just-in-time reminders, and many other components. A survey is auto-sent after the appointment to those who opt-in.

Patient Engagement

RADAR communications are dynamic. Not only can you send any type of information, in any preferred method, but our secure handshake protocol lets patients send back a response. This increases patient engagement—a plus for your schedule but also for the relationship.

By building follow-up management directly into the communication platform, RADAR stays in front of new developments in healthcare. Follow-up management is increasingly discussed as a hospital and radiologist responsibility, with Meaningful Use incentives already in place. RADAR keeps you ahead of the curve.

Adapting To Your Practice

RADAR can be configured to suit the workflow of your practice—without expensive customizations or a complicated implementation. Follow-up, alert and audit parameters are easy to define, which means that RADAR stays adaptable as your practice evolves.

RADAR addresses the current regulatory and business requirements for CTRM, but its usefulness extends beyond critical results. With patient communication, RADAR also gives you leverage for the future.

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