RADAR supports communication of incidental findings, labwork, pathology reports, patient reminders, patient prep instruction, and inter-departmental notifications — all of which increase productivity and safety simultaneously.
Report Delivery

Follow-up, alert and audit parameters can all be configured to suit a particular practice. Any kind of messages can be delivered, received, and confirmed via RADAR’s secure communication platform.

Labs, imaging centers, hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices do not use the same systems, and with RADAR they don’t have to. RADAR supports one-click message creation on any platform and on any device (tablet, phone, laptop, desktop). There is no penalty to pay for that agility; you get seamless, cross-platform integration without installing or programming anything.

RADAR recognizes that extra steps — for IT or for busy clinicians — don’t work. That’s why its solution is easy to implement and use.

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